St. Mark’s meadow mowed and ready for Heritage Day

Above: Taken from my car window this morning

One of you commented the other day that the St. Mark’s sustainable meadow was being mowed. Sure enough, I drove by today and the grass was nice and tidy again — if a bit brown. Just in time for Heritage Day next month.

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13 years ago

Hopefully the sustainable meadow will stay mowed as it has been for years. If a next sustainable meadow is required I would suggest the new location should be in and around the Head Masters house.

13 years ago

Hopefully, next year they will sow a mix of wildflowers along witht he grass for a real “meadow” effect.

13 years ago

The Wildflower option has been mulled over,If we have to cut the Meadow every year for Heritage day it probably wont be an option.Its about 2300.00 dollars to overseed with a northeastern wildflower seed mix,thats if you wall to wall the entire230,000 sq ft area,even if you cut the rate in half its a lot of money just to have to cut it down with a sicklebar in Aug/Sept…

13 years ago

Good to know Fran. Thanks for posting the info.

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