Zoning board again defers decision on Gulbankian businesses

The Gulbankian family went before the Zoning Board of Appeals last night hoping for a decision on whether they can operate three separate businesses on their property. They didn’t get it.

Instead, the board asked the family to initiate a minor site plan review with town department heads and representatives from the Planning Board to work out specific solutions to the concerns expressed by neighbors.

“We want to make sure we do it right. I think we’re close,” board member Matt Hurley said.

At a meeting in August, the ZBA asked the Gulbankian family to put together a plan to address the concerns neighbors have around noise, lighting, drainage, and screening. The family reviewed that plan with the board at last night’s meeting. Some of the proposed solutions included paving a portion of the parking lot and removing unnecessary flood lights.

The board praised the family for providing a more detailed plan than they had in the past, but ultimately decided they needed more detail before voting on the issue.

The brouhaha over the Gulbankian businesses has been ongoing since a neighbor sent a letter complaining about the businesses late last year, prompting a zoning review.

“It’s been 9 months. It’s enough,” Alice Gulbankian told the board. “We want to get it over with.”

Hurley said the Gulbankian’s bear some of the responsibility for the delay. “We have asked for this level of detail for several meetings,” he said of the family’s latest plan. “We’re just trying to do what’s right.”

The board continued the hearing until their next meeting at the end of October.

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