Kids in Southborough are eating local this week

The local food movement hits Southborough schools this week. Next to their tuna sandwiches and mac and cheese, Southborough students will find produce and fruit sourced from local farms like Tougas and Davidian Bros in Northborough.

It’s all part of Massachusetts Harvest for Students Week sponsored by the Mass Department of Agricultural Resources. The goals of the program are to connect local farms and schools, and to encourage healthy eating.

Here’s a message that went out to parents with all the details:

In our ongoing effort to teach our children to embrace healthier eating habits, the districts of Northborough and Southborough are proud to be a participant in the Massachusetts Harvest for Students Week.

During the week of September 27 – October 1, 2010, we are expanding our purchasing and serving of fresh, locally grown food to students in all of the schools of Northborough and Southborough. The goal of the Massachusetts Harvest for Students Week is to introduce additional nutritious options for tasteful school lunch meals and support the local economy.  With more studies indicating that students served fresh, locally grown items tend to eat significantly more fruits and vegetables, the farm-to-school connection is making a positive difference at a time of concern about childhood obesity, while simultaneously improving the local economy, local food security and opportunities for Massachusetts farms.

In addition to highlighting our local farms, Berberian Fams, Davidian Farms and Tougas Farms, two local companies have also generously contributed to this effort. During the week of the 27th all local vegetable and salad options will be offered with a choice of Ken’s Ranch Dressing from Ken’s Foods, headquartered in Marlborough, MA and fresh, homemade hummus from Lil M’s Mart of Northborough, MA.

You can see for yourself what the kids will be eating by checking out the school menu here.

(Photo posted to flickr by digicla)

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