Your favorite places: Apple picking

It may not be apple picking weather out there today what with all this rain, but when the sun comes out, you can bet many of us will be hitting the apple orchards.

There are no shortage of choices for apple picking in our area, but I’m curious to know what your favorites are. Who has the best deals on apples? The most variety? Who offers good activities for the kids? Which one is the most picturesque? And who has the best cider and donuts (my favorite part of apple picking)?

Share your opinions in the comments.

(Photo posted to flickr by Muffet)

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John Kendall
13 years ago

Tougas Farms in Northborough….weekend tractor rides to the orchard, great country kitchen, and a nice area for the younger kiddos.

13 years ago

Are there any “organic” apple farms?

13 years ago

@ Susie – many of the farms around here say they are “integrated pest management” and don’t go through the hoops of organic certification but you can usually ask what they use and when. There is one organic apple orchard that I’ve found: Old Frog Pond Farm: but I just checked their website and they are out of apples for the season. :(

I think most places are winding down since everything seemed to be early this year…

13 years ago

Can’t remember the name, but if you go up 495 to 62W (towards Berlin) there’s an orchard a couple of miles on your right.

Honeypot in Stow was a place we took the kids; had some fun things for them to do.

Deb Moore
13 years ago

Tougas is nnice, but we do Honeypot Hill because it’s between us and the friends we pick with, and because of the hedge maze. It’s not a fabulous maze, but the kids like it and it’s small enough to not worry if they get out of sight.

13 years ago

We like a few places: Tougas, Honey Pot Hill, and Shelburne Farm.

Just went to Tougas on Wednesday and it was insanely busy but fun. Probably b/c of the weather this week – Wed. was the only nice day. It was with my playgroup so we had an organized event and the staff was great. Only $6 a person and we got our own hay ride, guided apple picking (5-6 apples each person), donut, and cider. Could have gotten a pumpkin for an extra dollar each – next time we’ll do that. Their Empire apples are delish.

Honey Pot is always fun. So is Shelburne Farm. Both are in Stow. Nice drive. Shelburne has hay rides during the week, not just weekends.

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