Boy Scouts to hold car wash at the Transfer Station on Saturday

After all the mud and dirt on the roads from the week of rain, you just might need a car wash. And if you do, the Transfer Station is the place to get it. The Boy Scouts from Troop 1 will hold a car wash there on Saturday to help raise funds for an Eagle Scout project. The hours are 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.

(Photo posted to flickr by bark)

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13 years ago

Any word from the DPW on how the town justifies allowing a car wash when the state has been in a water emergency all summer? I would rather a bake sale. I could use some brownies and would pay a good price for them too.

13 years ago
Reply to  Resident

Then we would have to discuss the isuue of obesity!! Give me a break!!! This is an Eagle Scout Project. This is a young man working towards a very positive goal for himself and the community.

13 years ago

Just had my van meticulously scrubbed and polished. The scouts’ enthusiasm is contagious. As for that curmudgeon complaining about a water shortage, please inform yourself before commenting. Our water comes from Quabbin. In case you hadn’t noticed. The recent tropical storm dumped enough water on the reservoir to fill it to overflowing. We do not have a water shortage right now. An obesity problem: Yes we do.

Go THawks

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