High school sports wrap-up

Algonquin football fans will be cheering for a win at tonight’s Homecoming game (photo by Chris Wraight)

Here are the results of Algonquin and Assabet games this week. There were a lot more games played than I could find scores for in the local media, so if you know the results of a game not listed here, share it in the comments.

10/02: Gardner 33, Algonquin 14 (more)
10/01: Nashoba Valley 8, Assabet 48 (more)

Boys Soccer
10/02: Algonquin 2, Marlborough 1 (more)
10/05: Algonquin 9, Fitchburg 0 (more)
10/07: Algonquin 1, Wachusett 0

Girls Soccer
10/02: Algonquin 3, Marlborough 2
10/05: Algonquin 1, Sutton 0
10/07: Algonquin 1, Wachusett 1 (more)

Field Hockey
10/04: Algonquin 2, Fitchburg 0
10/07: Algonquin 1, Shrewsbury 1 (more)

10/05: Shrewsbury 183, Algonquin 190
10/07: Algonquin 192, Leominster 225

Girls Volleyball
10/04: Algonquin 3, Shrewsbury 0
10/06: Westborough 3, Algonquin 1 (more)

Boys Cross Country
10/05: Shrewsbury 21, Algonquin 34

Girls Cross Country
10/05: Algonquin 27, Shrewsbury 29

More games will be played today, including Algonquin’s Homecoming Game tonight at 7:00 pm against Leominster. Assabet football also plays tonight. They’ll be kicking off in Littleton at 7:00 pm.  See more schedules here.

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Margaret Kaigh Doyle
13 years ago

Thanks Susan! I was hoping to be at homecoming tonight but my son plays football for Roxbury Latin and RL will visit St. Marks tomorrow (right next to the infamous field!) and we are getting ready for a RL post game get together here in Southborough. I think the posting of the scores is great!

Chris Wraight
13 years ago

I was there tonight, ended up not being Homecoming, that’s later, now Nov 5th.

Chris Wraight
13 years ago
Reply to  susan

No worries, I had thought so as well based on that…

13 years ago

Chris – I absolutely LOVE your sports photos! Some of those action shots are unbelievable! So talented!

Chris Wraight
13 years ago

Thank you!

carrie alpert
13 years ago

Chris, your work is really superb–i do find myself mesmerized by it! In the above shot you really have provided what it felt like to be there at that very moment.

thanks for posting the scores, does anyone know how they tally up the scores in XC? just curious.

Tony Provencal
13 years ago
Reply to  carrie alpert

The basic rules for a dual meet are:

Low score wins.
Each runner scores points according to their finish order (3rd place = 3pts…).
The first five runners score points for each team.
Runners 6 and 7 don’t count for their team’s points, but can “displace” the other team. Runners 8 and above for each team don’t score or displace.
A shutout is 15-50 (Team A gets 1-2-3-4-5, Team B gets 8-9-10-11-12).

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