Learn about invasive plants in Southborough on Sunday

Above: An invasive garlic mustard plant on the Beals Preserve in Southborough

The Southborough Open Land Foundation and the Southborough Gardeners are co-sponsoring a lecture this weekend with renowned nature author Peter Allen on invasive plants in our area. It will take place on Sunday, October 17 at 1:00 pm at the Southborough Fire Department.

Here’s a description:

We will go over current attacking species of trees, shrubs, vines and wild flowers and some new horrors such as Kudzu, Mile-a-minute vine, and Japanese Stilt Grass that will soon be launching an attack from nearby towns where they have gained a foothold. Learn about what effect the 2007 ban on the import and sale of 100 plants in Mass. has accomplished. What are are options and priorities?

The lecture will be followed by an informal walk through downtown Southborough to identify alien invasives and other ornithological or botanical novelties. Bring walking shoes and binoculars.

Alden, a resident of Concord, is the author of 15 nature books and field guides including the National Audubon Society Regional Guide to New England (available at the talk) with sales of two million copies. He lectures extensively on changes in nature, birds, bird feeding and invasive alien plants to garden clubs, land trusts, schools and universities.

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