Trottier students to go purple for polio

Southborough Rotarian Tessa Stephens mentioned this in a comment in last week’s open thread, but I thought it was worth calling out in case you missed it.

On Friday, Trottier students will be going through the school day with their pinkies painted purple. It’s part of Purple Pinkie Morning, a fundraiser sponsored by the Trottier EarlyAct Club in conjunction with Southborough Rotary to raise money toward eradicating polio.

Throughout the world, when a child gets vaccinated against polio, their little finger is marked with purple ink to indicate they’ve been vaccinated. At Trottier on Friday, students and faculty who donate $1 — the cost of vaccinating a child for life against polio — will get a purple stamp on their pinkie finger.

“Through one of the world’s biggest immunization programs, Polio has been 99 per cent eradicated – so this is one last push to destroy the disease for good,” Tessa wrote in her comment. “Please help us by reminding your student to bring a dollar on Friday.”

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Tessa Stephens
13 years ago

Thank you Trottier students! 78 children in a third world country will be immunized against polio thanks to your hard work and generosity. Good Job!

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