Breaking news: The Bus Stop Witch strikes again!

Southborough students are advised to be on the lookout for the infamous Bus Stop Witch. She strikes every Halloween, and was last seen this morning at Woodward. She opts for a bike instead of a broom, and this year she brought a friend. Use caution when approaching.

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Kelly for snapping these photos.

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12 years ago

hi my name is avery i just wanted to no that if you got your teeth back love avery.

12 years ago
Reply to  avery

Hi Avery,
Yes that is true! When the witch was at the bus stop she droped them and when she got back they grew back Love Gracie

Nicole Troger
12 years ago

Even Switzerland heard about the bus stop witch.
Wish she would show up one day in our neighbourhood too!
Anna and Jonathan from Switzerland

Mike Hartnett
12 years ago
Reply to  Nicole Troger

You never know …….
Keep watching for her – she may just show up at your bus stop someday.

Robin Martin
12 years ago

It just doesn’t get better then that! Thanks Witches, so glad I finally caught a sneak peek this year.

Amy Richardson
12 years ago

My daughter is convinced they live in the cemetary- she wants me to go and find out She has not stopped talking about them since seeing them. We have heard about the bus stop witch but this is the first time someone in our family has seen her(them) I hope I catch a glimpse next year!

carrie alpert
12 years ago

my daughter is friends with one of the witches daughter’s and apparently there was chatter amongst the 2nd graders that the witches were going to strike on the rooftop of Woodward this year–the feeling on bus #13 Friday morning was out of sight!
Great Job girls, i mean witches :)

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