Volunteers wanted for Trottier career day

Do you love your job? Consider sharing your passion for what you do with students at Trottier Middle School at their upcoming Career Day. It’s an event that happens only once every three years, so it’s a big deal for the school, and they’re looking for speakers from all sorts of professions.

(For those of you not so enamored with what you do, perhaps you know someone who is? Pass along this link!)

Here are all the details from Trottier Principal Keith Lavoie.

Friday, April 1st, 2011, Trottier Middle School’s Career Day!

This is an exciting day for our students. The purpose of Career Day is to expose our children to a wide variety of careers, foster awareness for the working world, and give them a sense of realistic opportunities available to them. Each child will participate in five presentations throughout the day by speakers who will discuss their professions.

Each session is comprised of small groups of students to allow for discussion and questions. The day will end with a keynote speaker encouraging students to pursue their interests and dreams.  Career Day occurs once every three years so all students participate one time while they are at Trottier.

To ensure the success of Career Day, it is imperative that we recruit volunteers to speak who represent many different professions. We have estimated that we need approximately 40-50 speakers for each period during the day! We are looking for parents, relatives, friends who enjoy what they do for work and would be willing to participate in this special day. The sessions have been broken up into 45-minute blocks throughout the morning. We would like speakers who can commit to the entire presentation schedule, which will run from 7:45 am until 12:15 pm. In the past we have had engineers, professors, accountants, policemen, chefs, and so many more.

If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in Trottier’s Career Day on April 1st, please contact Jill Pappas — jillpappas@aol.com.

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