Southborough man busted for growing pot in his home

From today’s Metrowest Daily News:

A local man was arrested Wednesday after police said they discovered him growing 72 marijuana plants in his 6 Turnpike Road home.

Police found the plants after delivering a no-trespass order to the home. Ashland’s search dog was called in to help track down all the plants. You can read more about the story here.

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dean dairy
13 years ago

“When police went to deliver the order at 6 Turnpike Road, no one came to the door, but police could see an open oven door. It “seemed as though the resident was heating the house with it,” according to a police report. Fearing the tenant was at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, police went inside to check on him.”

There’s natural gas service in Southborough? Love to switch from oil.

Propane ovens are pretty rare, aren’t they?

13 years ago

Yes, there is natural gas in Southborough. It just depends what part of Town you are in.You would need to call NSTAR to see if there is a gas line in the part of Town you live in.

13 years ago

gas stoves are not rare. If that was my house I would welcome them to come in to help me. (Then again I dont have illegal narcotics growing in my house). Imagine if they didn’t go in and there were two dead residents in there? I bet there would be more comments about it then! Bravo SPD! keep it up.

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