Selectman thanks voters, says work on reducing expenses must continue

In case you missed it, Selectman John Rooney posted a comment on this blog earlier today thanking voters for their participation at Town Meeting, while stressing that the work on town budgets must continue throughout the year.

On behalf of the BOS, I would like to thank all who turned out last night to TM. The resounding support for the school budget was clearly heard by those in attendance, and that is exactly the way our system is supposed to work. I am sure the schools and the school committee are thankful for the outpouring of support last night.

Like the minority report diligently crafted by Mr. Butler and explained by Mr. Hamilton, these are important matters that require community involvement. These decisions cannot be left to a few; broad participation is essential.

While the school budget recommendations of the BOS and Advisory were soundly defeated, those budgets were penned with both current and future considerations. It is important, when the fervor of TM has passed, to sit back and reflect about the issues discussed by both sides, as they will be at the forefront of discussion in the immediate future.

Rooney goes on to defend his motion at Town Meeting last night to reduce the school budget, saying it’s in the best long-term interest of the town even if it’s not politically popular. You can read his full comment here.

(Image: Selectman John Rooney at Town Meeting on Monday night, photo courtesy of Chris Wraight)

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