Town meeting Day 2: It’s not over yet, folks

Above: Town Moderator David Coombs at the podium last night (photo by Chris Wraight)

When it comes to Town Meeting it’s not over until the last gavel sounds. (Wait, do they actually use a gavel at Town Meeting? I can’t say I’ve ever noticed, but let’s go with the metaphor anyway.) For voters that means just because you showed up last night, doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for tonight.

You see, there’s something called a motion to reconsider, and it means articles passed one night can be brought up for a new vote the next night. So for example, if someone who voted in favor of the school budget last night decides they want to reconsider it tonight, they can make a motion to do so.

A motion to reconsider is not unheard of. It happened last year on an article about funding the Quinn Bill for police officers, and it even happened last night when a resident made a motion to reconsider a budget that had been approved earlier in the evening.

Aside from protecting (or reconsidering) decisions you made last night, there are plenty of other compelling topics on tap for Town Meeting day two. Perhaps the most controversial — at least if the discussion on this blog is any indication — is the decision over whether to reimburse the legal fees of town employees involved in the Southborough Eight investigation.

There’s also still plenty of money on the line, as voters will be asked to consider allocating funds for capital items like DPW equipment ($315K), HVAC units for the Town House ($60K), improvements to the Senior Center ($49K), and thermal imaging units for the Fire Department ($20K), among others.

Day two is when projects sponsored by the Community Preservation Committee will also come up, including a proposal by the Recreation Department to build a playground at the South Union School.

Town Meeting continues tonight starting at 7:30 pm (note the later start time) at Trottier. See you there.

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13 years ago

I wanted to bite my tongue. But as an internet tough guy I just have to say it…

The behavior of some of the attendees was less than acceptable. Outbursts, constant clapping and a lack of restraint made it more of a carnival atmosphere than a democratic process.

I will not attend tonight…too bad too. I would love to continue doing my civic duty and making a difference for the community. I realize that the school budget is a passionate topic but come on…

Frank Crowell
13 years ago
Reply to  CB

You are not alone in your opinion. The moderator needs to control the meeting a little better.

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