Three Southborough brothers celebrate 180 years of marriage

Here’s a great story from yesterday’s Metrowest Daily News about three Southborough brothers who got married within two months of each other back in 1951, and who along with their wives are each celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary this year.

The three couples — Robert and Jane Cibelli, Ray and Vernelle Cibelli, and Lee and Anita Cibelli — held a joint celebration at St. Anne’s Church on Saturday.

Elaine Cibelli, daughter of Lee, 86, and Anita, 85, said seeing her parents and aunts and uncles celebrating all three milestones together was something special.

“It’s amazing,” Elaine said. “You’re lucky to see one of them get to 60 years.”

“We’re very fortunate that all of us have been together for 60 years,” Ray agreed.

Read more about the celebration, and about how the couples met, in this article by the MWDN.

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Kathryn Marous
12 years ago

Bob Cibelli is an inspiration. We should all strive to be such a hard worker and a devoted spouse. God Bless you, Bobby and family!!!!

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