A cow of a different color at Breakneck Hill

Above: Meet Clovelley, the newest cow at Breakneck Hill

I read in the Metrowest Daily News last week that there’s a new cow calling Breakneck Hill Conservation Land home this season. Her name is Clovelley, and she stands out from the crowd. Unlike her belted brethren, Clovelley is an all-brown Milking Devon. And she’s a rare specimen.

Paul Bourdon, operations manager for the Breakneck Hill Cow Fund, told the MWDN that there are only about 500 Milking Devons left in the world. You can read more about the breed’s history, and about how Clovelley came to live at Breakneck Hill in this article.

With any luck Clovelley will eventually have another of her kind to keep her company. Bourdon said he recently bred her and expects she will have a calf come August.

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Seymour Goode
12 years ago

Chuckle… FarmVille English Farm comes to Southborough!! :)

Evan Lips
12 years ago

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Clovelley at the 2009 Heritage Festival. Glad to see she’s doing well.

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