PHOTOS: Flags replaced at the Rural Cemetery

Veterans lying in rest in Southborough’s Rural Cemetery were honored with new American flags on their gravestones last Friday evening. Groups of Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, veterans, and other community members spread out across the cemetery replacing worn, frayed flags with new ones in a pre-Memorial Day tradition.

You can see photos of the flag placing below (click to enlarge).


It’s the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War, so special attention is being paid to Southborough’s Civil War veterans in observances this year. To read the story of one of those veterans, Southborough’s only Medal of Honor winner Osgood T. Hadley, read this post.

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Pat Q
12 years ago

really great pictures Susan.

My daugther and I (with her Girl Scout troop) were unable to do it this year due to
a schedule conflict but we did it last year. It made quite an impression on my daughter and every time we drive by the cemetery (which is often) she brings it up in conversation. Something so simple but so appreciated and meaningful. It also opened up an oppurtunity to talk about war, veterans, sacrifice, etc. that we otherwise would not have had without it sounding like a lecture.

Some times it’s the little things that have the most impact on our kids lives.

Kathryn Marous
12 years ago

My third graders were very affected by the stories of Southborough Civil War veterans, especially when they realized some died as young as 17, younger than their babysitters.

12 years ago

Thanks for posting Kathryn, our daughter Alexandra was so proud to march in the parade with her father, a former Green Beret, watching! You remind us all about what it means to be a citizen. Reading the blogs about our town, taxes, and entitlements… Should remind us all that our great nation and town is not an entitlement… It is a treasure worthy of stewardship and respect for the founders who bravely forged our history!

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