Graduation wrap-up: Funny signs, silly string, and albino alligators

Above: Assabet Salutatorian Nicholas Mulherin provides some helpful prompts during Valedictorian Amelia Kulik’s speech (photo courtesy of Assabet)

The class of 2011 is marching into the real world. On Sunday, Algonquin graduated 355 seniors in front of a packed crowd in the school’s gymnasium. On Friday, Assabet handed out diplomas to 210 grads, including four from Southborough.

For coverage of the speeches and ceremonies, click on over to these stories in the local media.

Algonquin graduation

Assabet graduation

For those of you wondering what albino alligators have to do with graduating seniors, Algonquin class valedictorian Alexander Silver explains (via

“You are very much like albino alligators,” Silver said in a surprise comparison. “You all stand out in a cool way. Each of you is an individual, better defined from the rest for going to this school. Like the albino alligator, once you get a tenacious grip on something you don’t let go. You also have qualities that will serve you well – dedication and charisma.”

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