CSX site preparation could mean increased traffic for Southborough

As part of site preparation for a proposed chemical transfer station off Flanders Road just over the Southborough border, CSX asked the Westborough Planning Board last week for permission to haul in 100,000 cubic yards of fill. The board deferred the decision until next week, but if they grant approval, it could mean a lot of traffic for Southborough.

The company expects that 60 to 80 trucks a day will be needed to bring soil to the railyard, Feeney said. … Increased traffic would come from Rte. 9 through Flanders Road as well as from Southborough on Flanders Road.

“I’m a little uncomfortable that for three months trucks may come from Southborough,” board member Mark Silverberg said.

Southborough Town Planner Eric Denoncourt, who has said CSX has agreed that no traffic will flow through Southborough when the Transflo yard is complete, asked last night that the same agreement be made for the earth-moving process.

You can read more about the discussion in this article by the Metrowest Daily News. The Westborough Planning Board is expected to take up the issue again on June 21.

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12 years ago

Any reason not to move the material by rail car?

Tessa Stephens
12 years ago
Reply to  earl

Mr. Silverberg states that he is “a little uncomfortable” with trucks coming down Flanders Road with all of that fill. I am VERY uncomfortable to know that 60 to 80 trucks a day are going to pass by my house for 3 months. Southville Road is filled with blind driveways. It’s a major feat to pull out of my little piece of Parkerville Road on to Southville now as it is. Is anyone aware of the number of children that live along Southville Road? This is an extremely dangerous situation that is about to occure never mind the noise that we can expect. How about the dirt and dust coming off the backs of the trucks. I’m sorry Mr. Silverberg and Mr. Denoncourt, but this is about to become more than a little upsetting.

12 years ago

I’m still concerned that this conversion to a hazardous chemical transfer station is happening at all. Didn’t the powers that be notice that CSX actually had a train de-rail in Westboro just this past winter? In the future, that train could be carrying hazardous chemicals!!
And now, we’re to be inundated with 10 giant trucks an hour passing through town! Perfect.
Here’s an opportunity for our elected representatives to truly stand up for us.
C’mon guys, do something.

Frederica Gillespie
12 years ago

Why not use this as an opportunity to start the process to keep the trucks off Southville Road?
If they can’t stop the trucks carrying dirt from cutting through Southborough for 3 months, how are they going to keep the future trucks carrying hazardous chemicals off Southville Raod, as has been promised?

Tessa Stephens
12 years ago

I agree with you Frederica. It’s time to get things in motion. There are 4 or 5 school bus stops for each of the bus runs every day, not to mention the people who walk along the road to get to the train station (there are 2 or 3 regulars), the people on bikes, and those who are out for a walk. I have yet to see a truck or a car for that matter traveling at the speed limit. What can we do? Mr Rooney, Mr Kolenda, Mr. Boland? We could use some help. Al? Any ideas?

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