Updated: Framingham man strikes Southborough cop with his car

A Framingham man who was wanted for violating a restraining order struck a Southborough police officer with his car yesterday as he tried to make a getaway. Here’s the report from the Metrowest Daily News:

Southborough Police went to the home of the person who filed the order to see if Osama was there, police said. They did not specify if it was the home of the girlfriend whom he is charged with assaulting.

Officers did not find him in the home but found him parked in the nearby Strawberry Hill Road and Red Gate Lane area, said Sgt. Tim Slatkavitz.

“When they confronted him, he took off,” Slatkavitz said.

Osama hit a Southborough officer who was standing in the road and drove away, Slatkavitz said. The officer, whom police did not identify, was uninjured.

Osama was eventually arrested after leading police on a chase through several towns. You can read more details in this article in the MWDN.

Last month Osama was charged with threatening to kill his girlfriend who lives in Southborough. He was released on $2,000 bail and ordered to stay out of Southborough.

Update 3:00 pm: More details in a follow-up from the Metrowest Daily News. The latest article said the Southborough police officer injured his hand when he jumped out of the way of the car. It also said Osama cut off his court-ordered GPS unit before driving to his girlfriend’s house in Southborough were police located him. Osama is now being held without bail.

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