It’s the last day of school in Southborough … sort of

Above: Trottier students have snow to thank for an extra day of school in June. In this photo workers clear snow and ice off the school’s roof.

Most public school kids in Southborough are celebrating the last day of school today, but not all of them. Trottier students will have to hang on one more day before their summer vacation starts thanks to an extra day off this winter.

Trottier was closed for a day in February when all the other schools were open after accumulated snow and ice on the school’s roof caused structural problems. The school reopened after snow and ice were removed, although a portion of the building remained closed for several more weeks as permanent repairs were made.

With all the snow — and snow days — we had this winter, it’s hard to believe school didn’t run until July, but with the exception of Trottier, Southborough schools let out as scheduled.

Here’s wishing all Southborough school kids a very happy summer.

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