Southville Road repaving back on track after delay

Above: Portions of Southville Road are torn up as the repaving process resumed this week

Repaving work on Southville Road has resumed this week after several weeks of delay. Crews are out there today working on the roadway, and will be for the next few weeks.

The repaving project got underway in May when the sidewalks along the roadway were torn up, but work stalled in June. DPW Superintended Karen Galligan said the project was delayed due to the availability of granite.

Galligan said crews this week are “reclaiming” the roadway, which means breaking up the asphalt and mixing it into the gravel below to fortify the base. Weather permitting, Galligan said she hopes to start paving next week.

The sidewalks will also be finished in the coming weeks. One My Southborough reader said the new sidewalk appears to be narrower in places than the old one, but Galligan says that’s not the case.

“The sidewalks will be the same width or slightly wider,” she said. “There are a couple of spots that are tight because of trees.”

The paving project covers Soutville Road from the Westborough town line to Woodbury Road, with the exception of the portion between Cordaville Road and North Street. Expect delays in that area for the next few weeks.

Galligan asked for patience from residents during the construction work. “We’re doing the best we can.”

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12 years ago

Any idea when the small piece of Parkerville Road running from Sourhville to the railroad tracks will be done? 15 years ago what I believe was called a ‘sub’ road or something not up to par with the regular quality of road material was grudgingly laid down, and is fading away at the edges.

I'm just sayin'....
12 years ago

I will be glad when this project is done….the sooner, the better. I worry about the commuters having to walk on the roadway, especially during peak traffic times. Any date for completion?

12 years ago

I have measured several places over a hundred yard span by my house before and after the new curbs went in and the new sidewalks will be narrower. Unless they plan on taking up more yard and earth to make up for the extra 6 inches or so they gave to the street then there will be no escaping the fact that the sidewalks are narrower.

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