Southborough emergency mangement director offers tips for hurricane season

Hurricane season is upon us, and forecasters recently announced we may see more named storms this year than previously predicted. Southborough Emergency Management Director of Operations Neal Aspesi wants Southborough residents to be ready in the event one makes it up to our neck of the woods.

Aspesi said one of the reasons for increased storm activity – warmer ocean temperatures – is the same reason those of us up north could end up dealing with hurricane activity this season.

“Usually hurricanes quickly weaken as they approach New England,” Aspesi said. “However, warmer water temperatures are enabling hurricanes to retain strength as they approach.

Aspesi said it’s important for residents to prepare well in advance of a storm. “Once hurricanes pass the Carolinas and enter cooler water, they speed-up rapidly, dramatically reducing the time to prepare and evacuate in the Northeast,” he said.

The biggest risks in our area are from in-land flooding and high winds, Aspesi said.

Aspesi passed along some information on what to do to prepare for hurricane season, including what to pack in your disaster supply kit, steps to protect your property, and more. You can read it all here (PDF).

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