Breaking news: Backhoe crashes onto car on Route 495, all southbound lanes closed (Updated) reports all southbound lanes of Route 495 have been closed down after a bad accident in Southborough:

Route 495 South was shut down after a backhoe fell off of a flatbed truck onto a car on Friday afternoon.

The accident happened near Exit 23C in Southboro shortly after 1pm.

According to the report at least four people have been injured, and MedFlight helicopters are transporting victims to local hospitals.

My guess is traffic on Route 9 may also be a mess as a result, so avoid the area if you can. If you have more information, please share it in the comments.

Update 2:25 pm: The Boston Herald reports southbound traffic is being diverted at the Simarano Drive exit. You can see a live video feed of the scene here. (As of about 2:45 pm, the video feed switched back to Boston traffic.)

Update 2:55 pm: I’m hearing reports of at least on fatality as a result of this accident. Three others hurt including two children. Also reports of big traffic messes on side streets including Route 20 in Marlborough and Route 9 in Southborough and Westborough.

Update 3:00 pm: WCVB reports on its Twitter feed that one lane of 495 is now open.

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Pat D
12 years ago

I just came from Worcester about 2 PM but drove through Northboro rather than take 290/495. When passing under the 405 overpass on Chestnut Hill Rd., could see all the traffice stopped south bound but did not know why until I just read this blog. Many helicopters flying around the area — many must be news media copters. Thanks for this update.

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