Fire Chief Mauro considers delaying his retirement

Fire Chief John Mauro Jr. was set to retire in September after 38 years on the force, but it looks like he may be sticking around for a few more weeks. On Tuesday night Selectmen asked Mauro if he would push off his retirement until a new chief can be found.

A committee has been formed to find a new fire chief, and Town Administrator Jean Kitchen said they are still receiving applications. Assistant Town Administrator Vanessa Hale, who is a member of the search committee, said she expects the committee will wrap up its work in November.

Instead of having to find an interim chief, Selectman Bill Boland asked Mauro if he would consider delaying his retirement until November 1. Mauro had planned to retire on September 18.

Mauro said he wasn’t opposed to the idea, but wanted some time to consider it. He’s expected to inform selectmen of his decision in the coming days.

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10 years ago

I for one sincerely hope that the Chief will agree to stay on for awhile (unless of course he has a better offer).The type of true professionalism that he demonstrated handling the tragic fatal accident on 495 in Southborough yesterday is why he will be sorely missed by both the residents of Southborough and rest of the Southborough Fire Department through the leadership he provides.

John Kendall
10 years ago

Chief Mauro has brought the department through some very tragic moments by insisting that everyone operate professionally at all times. I went to school with him, worked with him, and worked for him. It will be very hard to replace him. The town knew he had plans to retire this year and should have been a bit more proactive in getting ready for his departure. If he decides to stay on longer, I hope he gets a nice bonus for changing his plans to accomodate the town.

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