PHOTOS: Heritage Day pumpkin lighting

There were some clever pumpkins on display at Heritage Day this year, from a ghostly bride to an Angry Bird to Santa and his reindeer. But the talk of the town was the Steve Jobs pumpkin which featured his face carved into the Apple logo. Very nicely done.

You can see photos of that pumpkin, along with many others, in this gallery of pictures sent in by My Southborough readers. Reader Molly took a rough count and estimated there were nearly 340 pumpkins on display. Not a bad turnout!

Click an image in the gallery to enlarge.

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12 years ago

Great pictures! We missed it this year for the first time. We were so sad but just couldn’t make it. Your pictures make that a little easier. Thanks!!

Mark Ford
12 years ago

We missed it for the first time, too…calendar space cadets.

12 years ago

My kids Loved the scarecrow set-up at the Pumpkin Lighting?
We didn’t take a picture and they were hoping you had pictures on your website
So they could make something similar for our lawn..
Any pics of them? Thanks

Beth Thomas
12 years ago

thank you for posting the pictures! The Yoda belonged to my 2.5 yr old daughter, and it was stolen during Heritage Day. It was there when we walked down to the fair, but when we went to get it on our way back, it was GONE! So upsetting. But we still love the event!

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