Household hazardous waste collection at the Transfer Station on Saturday

Saturday, October 22, is Southborough’s annual household hazardous waste day. You can bring a variety of hazardous stuff that might be floating around your garage or basement — car batteries, pool chemicals, weed killers, and more — to the Transfer Station from 9:00 am to noon. Check this flyer for a complete list of what they will and will not accept.

There’s no limit to the amount of material you can bring, but they won’t accept containers larger than five gallons. All material must be labeled.

You have to have a valid Transfer Station sticker to take part in Hazardous Waste Day, but other than the cost of the sticker, there is no additional charge for most items. The exceptions are computer monitors and TVs which cost anywhere from $10 to $35 to recycle.

In the past the town has had a fixed budget for the hazardous waste disposal, and once they hit their limit they stop accepting more even if it’s before the noon stop time. I’m not sure if it’s the same system this year, but best to get their early just in case.

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10 years ago

yay! I can finally get rid of the giant TV!

10 years ago

yea! I can finally get rid of my itty bitty 10″ black & white that’s been collecting dust in my basement! Every year hazardous waste day comes and goes & I usually remember it the following Monday!

Al Hamilton
10 years ago

There is a place in Hudson, Advanced Electronics, that recycles electronics and has take my TVs for a small fee. 43 Broad St, Hudson, Ma. They also dispose/recycle of old PC’s and other electronics.

10 years ago

The TV rates seem a bit steep. I would rather donate the fee to a nonprofit when they have a recycle day. There have been collections in the past at Algonquin and St Anne’s but I haven’t seen anything recently.

10 years ago

Best Buy has a pretty consumer friendly recycling program. You can bring unwanted TVs, monitors, electronics, etc. to either the Marlborough or Framingham locations. Yes, they do charge $10 per item, but you receive a $10 Best Buy gift card in exchange. And you don’t have to wait until the next hazardous waste day….

10 years ago

The Algonquin girls Ice Hockey team is holding an Electronics Recycling Day for a small fee (as a fundraiser for the team) on Saturday October 29th from 9am to 1pm at Hudson High School (with whom we share the hockey team).

10 years ago

What to do with the new lightbulbs?

Al Hamilton
10 years ago
Reply to  ruth


There is a shed at the end of the recycling area that take fluorescent bulbs. This is available year round.

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