Southborough sends fire crew to Worcester

Thousands of firefighters and first responders were expected to attend today’s funeral of Wrocester Firefighter Jon Davies, who was killed when part of a burning building collapsed on him last week. Southborough firefighters were there in Worcester too, lending a hand by allowing their comrades time to grieve and honor their fallen brother.

Along with other area towns, Southborough sent one fire engine and four crew members to cover the Worcester station while its members attended the funeral. “They didn’t have the manpower to cover the city,” Southborough Fire Captain Joseph Mauro said.

Mauro said Southborough also sent a crew and equipment to Worcester after six firefighters died in the Cold Storage Warehouse fire 12 years ago. “You’re helping out another department in their time of need,” he said.

Fires like the one that took the life of Davies are fortunately few and far between in a town like Southboruogh, but Mauro said it’s a sobering reminder of the risks first responders face.

“It obviously makes you think about the dangers of the job,” he said. “It can happen anywhere.”

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10 years ago

God Bless our Firefighters for the selfless job that they do, we may not always appreciate them until something like above happens so I would like to say THANK YOU for being there and keeping my family safe. May we all remember the Davies Family this Holiday Season as we enjoy and cherish the time with our own families.

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