Romney takes Southborough by a landslide

Southborough Republicans were unequivocal in their decision on who they’d like to see lead the party into November. Voters in the relatively low-turnout election overwhelmingly chose Massachusetts native son Mitt Romney.

Just shy of 16.9% of registered voters in Southborough showed up at the polls yesterday, and 84% of them voted Republican. Among Republicans, Romney received a commanding 80.3% of the vote. His nearest competitor, Ron Paul, got only 9.4%. Rick Santorum followed with 7.4%, and Newt Gingrich with 2.9% Those results don’t include votes for Republican candidates like Rick Perry, Jon Hunstman, and Michele Bachmann whose names were still on the ballot but who have dropped out of the race. It also doesn’t include those few who said they had no preference or wrote in names.

The only candidate on the Democratic ballot, President Barack Obama got 166 votes in Southborough yesterday. Fifteen Democratic voters left the ballot line blank or voted No Preference.

Turnout in Southborough was on the high side for Metrowest, with area percentages ranging from a low of 11% in Holliston and a high of 17% in Sudbury.

You can see the full election results for Southborough in this PDF. Note that the results are still unofficial at this point.

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