MWDN: Westborough board eyes changes to Rte. 9, I-495, Mass. Pike

Above: Looking west on Route 9 at the I-495 interchange (via Google Maps)

This isn’t technically Southborough news, but it’s close. I’m guessing many of you commuters out there will want to keep apprised of a project to rework the interchanges where Route 495 meets Route 9 and where it meets the Mass Pike. Here’s an update from the Metrowest Daily News:

The MassDOT study predicts a 10 percent increase in the number of vehicles traveling on Rte. 9 and a 15-20 percent increase in vehicles traveling on I-495 by 2035.

To ease the burden on both roads and commuters, MassDOT is looking into several improvements to the interchange over the upcoming months and years.

Haracz cited better signs and clearer lines of sight as improvements that drivers can expect to see within the coming months.

“We can always install clearer, more visible signs to reduce commuter confusion,” said Haracz. “We’d also like to remove the vegetation that partially blocks the view of cars exiting the Mass. Pike onto Rte. 9 eastbound.”

Other short-term solutions include installing traffic systems that react to moving cars, rather than a cyclical timing device. Another idea calls for flattening out the curves of the entry and exit ramps to I-495, improving driver visibility.

I’m thinking the reference to the Mass Pike/Route 9 interchange might be a typo (we’re talking 495 here, right?), but you get the idea. You can read more in this article by the MWDN.

What do you think? Do you hop on 495 all the time? What changes would you like to see? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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12 years ago

I couldn’t link to the article right now, but I’m curious if this discussion is taking place independently of the planned EMC expansion in that area or not.

One thing I’d like to see is a dedicated exit lane from 495s right into/onto Technology Drive.

If the 9 interchange is in fact included, then I’d push it back – every day I heard the traffic reports @ 7am that rte 9 east from 85 to the Mass Pike entrance is ‘a bottleneck’ — a major problem area.

12 years ago

Staggered start times for the Staples and BJ’s Warehouse Club headquarter staffs would be a significant help.
Heading West on Route9 and trying to get through the BJ’s traffic coming off of 495Northbound so that I can enter 495Southbound is always dangerous. The Yield sign is neither honored nor enforced.

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