Gas prices in Southborough on the rise

There has been no shortage of talk lately about the rising cost of gas. According to AAA Southern New England, the average price for a gallon of unleaded in Massachusetts this week is $3.739, up 2 cents from last week and 13 cents from a month ago.

So where is the cheapest place to get gas in Southborough? As of Tuesday afternoon when I checked, there was a 26 cent spread between the lowest and highest prices in town. Only one station – the Gulf station on Route 9 west – was below the state average for a gallon of regular unleaded. Here’s the round-up.

  • Falconi Brothers, 29 Boston Road: $3.96
  • Gulf (Southborough Auto Tech), 145 Boston Road: $3.78
  • Mobile, 76 Worcester Road: $3.83
  • Gulf, 344 Turnpike Road (Route 9 east): $3.75
  • Gulf, 365 Turnpike Road (Route 9 west): $3.70
(Note: These are the base prices listed on the roadside sign for each station. Some may be cash-only prices, with higher rates for credit cards. Prices do not reflect loyalty card discounts offered by some stations.)

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11 years ago

The Gulf at 365 W Turnpike Road (9 West) has rebranded to a Cumberland Farms station. I assume this might be related to a managment change. I recall there is some talk to have that station completely upgraded in the near future as well. I assume the re-branding (cumberland farms owns Gulf Oil, so not much has really changed) is part of the reason that station is undercutting the market, for now.

Once they get a following/change consumer behavior they will probably come back up to match the Gulf across the turnpike on 9 East. The want people to think Cumberland Farms = Cheapest Gas. Once we have that drilled into our heads, we go back on auto-pilot and stop shopping around. That’s when they’ll creep back up to the average.

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