Does St. Mark’s Sustainable Meadow have a new mascot?

St. Mark’s Sustainable Meadow at the corner of Main Street and Route 85 has a new feature. Sometime early this week or over the weekend a carved wooden bear took up residence directly in front of the meadow’s sign. As of yesterday afternoon it was still there.

I have no idea whether the little guy was placed there by St. Mark’s – whose mascot is a lion, not a bear – or by someone not affiliated with the school.

The Sustainable Meadow – a portion of the St. Mark’s lawn the school opts not to mow in the summer for environmental reasons – has been a source of controversy since it was established two years ago. Some of you loved the idea, but most of you hated it.

If anyone has more information to share about the origins of the bear, feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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