Reminder: Candidate’s Night at the library on Wednesday

On Wednesday, May 2, the Southborough Library will host its annual Candidates’ Night. The event is a chance for you to hear from the candidates directly. You also have the opportunity to ask questions.

All the candidates from this year’s contested races have said they will attend. Candidates from some of the uncontested races are also expect to be there.

Here’s the flyer with more information.

(click to enlarge)

Note to the candidates: As I have in past election seasons, I offer any of you space on the blog to get your message across. If you’re interested in doing a ‘Meet the Candidate’ post, please get in touch (

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Frank Crowell
11 years ago

I was delusional to think that the K-8 BOE would even offer a modicum of constructive criticism to Dr Gobron.

Time to start using the write in candidate option. 

Betsy Rosenbloom
11 years ago

Susan, thank you for publicizing this event. You do a great service to the community. As one of the six elected Library Trustees, I wanted to invite everyone to join us at the Library to meet the candidates for the contested seats (Planning Board and Selectmen) as well as several of the candidates for uncontested seats. There have been posts on this site to the effect that the political process in town can be very daunting if you’re not “in the know” — one way to get “in the know” is events like this at the Library. “Candidates Night” is great way to learn more about your town government in a very welcoming and non-confrontational setting. Questions from the audience are encouraged and there are no formal rules of order. You will see old friends and make new ones at the Southborough Library. And we always have great refreshments! Hope to see you there.

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