PHOTOS: Southborough honors its veterans with Memorial Day parade

I slipped out of town for the Memorial Day weekend and missed the parade yesterday, but thankfully Southborough photographer Chris Wraight ( was there to capture all the action.

The parade, which wound through the town’s cemeteries and by each of its war memorials, featured Southborough veterans Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, local politicians, and the Trottier and Algonquin marching bands. Click an image in the gallery below to enlarge.

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David Kolenda
12 years ago

Southborough and the near by communities have to be some of the most Patriotic in the Country. I am proud that my son Dan Kolenda participates in your Patriotic events. I am also thankful for your constant support of our Military especially for the ones serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Lisa Braccio
12 years ago
Reply to  David Kolenda

Mr. Kolenda,

We can never thank you and your family for their dedication and what your family has done for Freedom. You must be so proud of the choices your children have made, we certainly our. I have the pleasure of knowing Dan and have “met” Chris through emails when he was deployed. Your family is what American is all about.

Thanks again!

SFC William Perricotti U S Army Ret
12 years ago

I grew up in southboro, and lived at 7 Newton St until I was 17 And enlisted in the U S Army. I remember on Memorial Day after the parade , we would go to the community house and have ice cream. I have only been to one parade after going into the service.
But when I do get back to southboro it brings back good memories.

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