SOLF presents walking history tour of Beals Preserve on Sunday

Above: A trail winds through the Beals Preserve

One of the things I love about wandering the trails of the Southborough Open Land Foundation’s Beals Preserve are the glimpses you get into Southborough’s past. From the pond where families harvested ice in the wintertime, to the pastures where cattle grazed, to what’s left of an old riding ring.

On Sunday Whitney Beals, whose family purchased the land in 1950, will share more about the history of the property during a walking tour hosted by SOLF. The event is open to the public. Here are all the details.

A Walking History Tour of Southborough Open Land Foundation’s Beals Preserve
With Whitney Beals

Sunday June 10, 4:00*

Join SOLF trustees as we walk with Whitney Beals to learn about the history of the Beals Preserve property from the time that his family moved to Southboro in 1950. Hear anecdotes about the dairy herd that used to graze there, the ice pond, the MDC police, and other memories about how the land was used as well as how much the property has changed.

Meet at the Welcome Kiosk on the northern entrance to the Beals Preserve. (Walk down the old farm lane opposite Chestnut Hill Rd. and cross the bridge over the channel.) Parking is available nearby on Johnson Road at the parking lot of the Trustees of Reservation’s Chestnut Hill Farm or at the end of Hickory Rd. Join us!

* Event will be cancelled in the event of steady rain

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Jerry C
11 years ago

This is an absolutely beautiful preserve. Thank-you to the Beals family.

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