In my backyard: A jewel of a damselfly

Out in my backyard yesterday, with the clouds darkening and the rumble of thunder in the distance, I came across this stunning creature:

There were actually several of them enjoying a rest on my bamboo plants with their shiny blue-green bodies and velvety black wings.

I thought they were dragonflies, but a little research suggests they are damselflies of the Ebony Jewelwing variety. An appropriate name.

They eat mosquitoes, and they’re lovely, and they’re welcome in my yard anytime.

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Southside Gadsden Flyer
11 years ago

Absolutely beautiful, they are welcome in my yard anytime!

11 years ago

If you’re interested to know why some bugs are iridescent check out this site:

11 years ago

How wonderful! Thank you so much for posting that!

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