The week in government (7/2/12 – 7/6/12)

Here is a selection of committee and department meetings for the week. Be aware that changes to the meeting schedule are known to happen throughout the week. For a complete list of meetings, visit the town website.

All these meetings are open to the public, so you’re welcome to stop on by. Don’t know where the meeting room is? Give a shout in the comments and I’ll do my best to help.

Monday, July 2

  • Town Administrator Screening Committee, 8:00 am @ Southborough Public Library (agenda)
  • Library Board of Trustees, 6:00 pm @ Southborough Public Library (agenda)

Tuesday, July 3

  • No meetings scheduled

Wednesday, July 4

  • Independence Day – No meetings scheduled

Thursday, July 5

  • No meetings scheduled

Friday, July 6

  • No meetings scheduled

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carole wellman
11 years ago

I just got my third “political survey” phone call and, naively thought “How can they keep calling?” “I’m on the no call list.” Went to Google and found out Political parties are exempt. . .Gives new meaning to arrogance. I’m on the list because I don’t want phone calls from people I don’t give the number to. Get it guys? These “Robo” calls that “want your opinion”, and hang up automatically, not giving a number where you can vent on them are the height of pomposity. I will never give another dime to a political party since this is just one way they waste my money. Oh, excuse me, my cell phone is ringing. . .
Carole Welllman

Al Hamilton
11 years ago
Reply to  carole wellman

I would add never give money to a police or fire benevolent group either. I made that mistake and have been hounded by endless numbers of police and fire groups that I never heard about all of whom tell me that I am a past contributor.

I am getting ready to give up my land line since only 1 in 10 calls is someone I want to talk to.

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