Construction projects dot Route 9 in Southborough

There are several significant construction projects taking place along the Route 9 corridor in Southborough this summer. Many of you have wondered what they’re all about, so I thought I’d do a little recap. Here they are, moving from east to west along Route 9.

Route 9 westbound at Pleasant Street – New England Center for Children
Look to your right on Route 9 westbound just before the intersection with Central Street and you’ll see the beginnings of a 10-000-square-foot daycare center the New England Center for Children is building for its employees. The project is being funded through a $12-million bond from the quasi-public agency MassDevelopment.

NECC has long provided daycare for its employees, but the school says it has outgrown its current space.

Above: A view of the NECC work site from Pleasant Street

Route 9 eastbound at Crystal Pond – Madison Place 40B
The biggest of the construction projects along Route 9 can be found just west of the intersection with Crystal Pond Road. Crews are clearing the way for a 140-unit 40B apartment complex to be called Madison Place. Westborough developer Robert Moss secured approval for the project in July.

The project calls for 11 buildings containing a total of 140 rental apartments — 84 one-bedrooms and 56 two-bedrooms.

Above: The Madison Place apartment complex is underway

Route 9 westbound at Flagg Road – Cumberland Farms
Where the Gulf station on Route 9 west used to stand, there now exists a gaping hole. The gas pumps and accompanying Cumberland Farms store were torn down to make way for a remodeled version. The new Cumberland Farms will sport a Colonial-style exterior, and the gas pumps will be reconfigured to improve traffic flow.

Sadly (so says my daughter) the new Cumberland Farms will not have a Dunkin Donuts.

Above: Cumberland Farms and the Gulf station were razed but will be replaced

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Bonnie Phaneuf
11 years ago

Susan, the following is also coming down the ROAD the1-495/1-90 Interchange Ramp Modifications &Interstate 495 & Route 9 Interchange when is the big question.
Please take the time to read; Improvement Plan.
massDOT’s Office of Transportation Planning,Study Advisory Group Meeting of June 29,2012.

11 years ago

Anyone know what the construction at the transfer station is for? They’re clearing land around the recycling area for something. Perhaps just expanded parking?

Bonnie Phaneuf
11 years ago

massDOT Website should read; I495 not 1495 (one)
Sorry for the error.

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