Countdown to school: Bus routes for 2012-2013 (UPDATED)

For those of you working a countdown, your kids will be climbing aboard the bus for their first day of school in just seven short days. Details on what those bus trips will look like was released yesterday by the school district.

Pick up for Algonquin students begins at approximately 6:30 am (goodness that’s early). Trottier and Neary students are next starting at 7:05 am, followed by Woodward and Finn students at about 7:50 pm.

The following PDF has all the route details you need for Algonquin, Trottier, Neary, Woodward, and Finn.

Update 9:00 pm: For those of you still having trouble accessing the link to the district website above, here’s the Southborough bus route PDF for your convenience.

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11 years ago

The link doesn’t to work – I think the error is on the school district’s webpage, since the Northborough link works.

11 years ago

I think it’s the school’s site that’s not allowing us to see. There were many Thursday packet links I was never able to view because of this weird login page it directs the user.

Any chance you can post the pdf here? The link on the school’s site (as of this moment) is still taking you to the weird login page.

Melissa Shields
11 years ago

If you are interested in being a bus monitor for Finn or Woodward School, SOS is still looking for volunteers. Some buses are full but others need more help, including Bus #’s 1, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11, 14. Please reply to this post if you can help out any morning or afternoon next W-F. Thanks!

11 years ago

do grade schoolers have the same buses as last year unless they are swithching woodward-neary?

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