Mosquito spraying in Southborough tonight

The Central Mass Mosquito Control Project just released its list of spray areas for this evening, and a number of Southborough streets are on the list. Here’s where you can expect spraying tonight:

Banfill Ln, Bigelow Rd, Blendon Woods Dr, Breakneck Hill Rd, Cordaville Rd, Deerfoot Rd, Fairview Dr, Flagg Rd, Gen. Henry Knox Rd, Graystone Way, Maple St, Metacomet Ln, Mt. Vickery Rd, Oregon Rd, Parkerville Rd, Pine Hill Rd, Pinecone Ln, Presidential Dr, Reservoir Dr, Southboro Meadows, Southville Rd, Southwood Drive, Ted Ln, Ward Rd, Wedgewood Homeowners Assoc, Wildwood Drive, William Onthank Ln, Wolfpen Ln, Woodland Rd, Woodland Rd, Wyeth Cir

The pesticides used pose minimal risks to human health and the environment, so in general there is no need to relocate during mosquito control spraying. You’re advised to close street-facing windows if possible, and remain inside during the application and for 15-20 minutes afterwards. Accidental exposure is not expected to cause any health concerns in most people. Pets may be brought inside, but this type of pesticide is similar to ones used for flea and tick control.

Spraying begins after 7:30 pm and should conclude by midnight.

To request spraying in your neighborhood, visit the CMMCP website.

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Tim Deschamps
11 years ago

The residential spray program has ended due to low night time temperatures. We will continue to trap and test mosquitoes in the area for the next few weeks and respond as needed.

11 years ago


Where are the traps located in Southborough?

Are the traps still catching mosquitoes caring EEE and West Nile? (Westborough, Northborough, Hopkinton, and Northborough)

How many are caught and what percentage carries the EEE and West Nile virus?

How frequently are the traps emptied and tested?

Thank you again!

Tim Deschamps
11 years ago

Traps are located off Newton Street, Boston Road and Parkerville Road south of Route 9 near Middle Road (locations are guarded to prevent theft & vandalism). Traps are set up weekly, with collections going in for testing each week as well. We have not found EEE or WNV in any of the boros since late August/early September, but risk is still present. Percentages are not determined from the collections, but I would think they would be rather low at this point – but even 1% presents risk. Mosquito populations are dropping due to cooler temps, low/no recent rain events, natural mortality and our spray interventions – be we must all exercise caution the next few weeks.

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