Roundup: Southborough stories in the media

Above: Korey Dropkin was just one Southborough resident who made headlines recently (Photo by Richard Gray, World Curling Federation, via

There have been a number of Southborough-related stories in the local media of late, more than I’ve been able to keep up with. So, in an attempt to get us all up-to-speed, here is a collection of stories from the past couple of weeks you may have missed.

Southborough group hopes to bring town administrator bylaw to lawyer (Metrowest Daily News): An ad hoc committee tasked with determining how to further strengthen the town administrator position is inching closer to a draft bylaw to submit for legal review. How many of the ideas and desires in that bylaw will pass town counsel’s sniff test remains to be seen, however. (read more)

Stivers appointed to Advisory Committee in Southborough (Metrowest Daily News): Former ZBA Chairman Sam Stivers has been appointed to the financial Advisory Committee. John Wood — who recently took over as chairman of the committee — said this afternoon that Stivers was appointed to the board by Moderator David Coombs. (read more)

Northborough, Southborough tackling curriculum initiative (Metrowest Daily News): Along with the traditional excitement of a new school year, teachers and administrators this week eagerly began a new initiative aimed at syncing curriculum in both Northborough and Southborough with national standards. (read more)

Southborough elementary school gets flag flown over Afghanistan (Metrowest Daily News): The special kinship Army Sgt. Amy Metcalf felt with schoolchildren in a town she’d never heard of started with a simple cardboard box she received in Iraq in 2006. The toiletries, snacks and letters therein were small gifts made by troop care drive volunteers in Southborough, but they made a big difference to a soldier half a world away. (read more)

Southborough curling prodigy named nation’s best (Metrowest Daily News): As Olympic pairings go, it was a bit awkward. His USA team having finished fifth in the first curling competition of the 2012 Youth Olympics, Korey Dropkin, per Olympic rules, was paired with a player of the opposite sex who finished on the 12th ranked team for the “mixed doubles” competition. The 12th ranked team was Russia. (read more)

Algonquin’s Marissa Hom making long road back (Worcester Telegram): Don’t let Algonquin Regional senior Marissa Hom fool you. Beneath her sunny smile and easy-going disposition, the Tomahawks’ star volleyball captain has shown the heart of a champion over the past year. (read more)

Southborough native shares stories of Cumberland Farms’ success (Metrowest Daily News): His family business, Ari Haseotes is proud to tell people, started in 1939 with one cow, one calf and one extremely motivated couple. (read more)

Any of these stories catch your eye (or get your goat)? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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