Planning Board releases zoning comparison document

In effort to help residents get a handle on extensive changes being proposed to the town’s zoning code, the Planning Board earlier this month released a document that compares the new zoning code to the existing code. It’s a document the Advisory Committee has been pressing the Planning Board to provide for several months now.

Members of the Advisory Committee have said the comparison document is essential to understanding the proposed changes. They’ve also requested a build-out analysis to help gauge the impact the new bylaws would have on the town.

The Planning Board is hoping to bring the zoning changes before voters at a Special Town Meeting in January or February. As part of its outreach on the new code, the Planning Board has been holding a series of public hearings aimed at informing voters about the proposed changes. Those hearings continue tonight when the Planning Board is expected to discuss the new comparison document, among other topics. The Advisory Committee will also be in attendance.

Tonight’s public hearing is open to all. It starts at 7:00 pm at the Town House Hearing Room (second floor). You can take a look at documents related to the zoning overhaul, including the draft language and the comparison document, on the town website.

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