Light red? Dusty rose? Just what color is the transfer station sticker?

DPW Superintendent Karen Galligan has a sense of humor. After the hullabaloo about her choice of color for Transfer Station stickers this year – pink for those of you who don’t know – she decided to have a little fun.

A few weeks ago several eagle-eyed My Southborough readers noticed an electronic sign at the Transfer Station described the stickers as “light red” instead of pink. A few weeks later, the sign changed to “dusty rose.” Today it reads “bubble gum.”

“It’s all tongue-and-cheek,” Galligan said.

Galligan told me she wants to change the color name one more time before the sign comes down later this month, but is struggling to think of a good description. So, let’s help her out. What do you think the color should be called? Salmon? Raspberry? Dusty mauve (thanks @Erin)? The only rule is you can’t use the word pink. Share your ideas in the comments, and maybe one of your suggestions will make it onto the sign.

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longtime resident
10 years ago

Take a page from Steel Magnolias.. Blush and Bashful.

10 years ago


good neighbor
10 years ago

How about “carnation?”

Resident on Ted
10 years ago

Lots of great names for light pink on this website:

10 years ago

The cancer awareness sticker

John Kendall
10 years ago
Reply to  daddyo

That’s how my wife and I see it. Good choice!

10 years ago

How bout Gentle Puke

10 years ago
10 years ago

Pepto Bismo!!

10 years ago

love that you are having fun with this :D YAY! some lightheartedness

that sign is the BEST!

10 years ago

Maybe she thinks this enough to distract us from the three new buildings going up. Did I miss that story somewhere? Did our dump fee go up so she and her work force wouldn’t have to take care of the shed anymore?
She didn’t want to deal with it even though her dept has done so for years, next thing you know our fees go up and she gets what she wants in the form of new buildings. I thought the increase was supposed to help cover the current expenses not new ones.

Someone shut me up with a nice twist on this story that doesn’t involve sneaking expenses around or shifting town jobs over to volunteers. I hear enough voices chatting in the other side of the current shed I don’t see why we need three more.

10 years ago

daddyo’s cancer awareness gets my vote

bob a
10 years ago

I don’t like anything on my bumper let alone a pink sticker that identifies what town I am from.

The sticker should be as benign as possible, meaning not pink

The sticker could be on the windshield or drivers side window and it should not be an extra charge, but included in my real estate tax

10 years ago

Mine had already faded to a fine white! Thank you mother nature!

10 years ago

I think the color is best described as flamingo!

Amy K
10 years ago

Blushing Trash
Faded Crimson
Pale Scarlet

10 years ago

karen had proposed her plan back when it was decided to close the swap shop. There is a traffic and safety concerns around the swap shop and the towns people overwhelming demanded the swap shop stay open. She is also using the Assabet Valley students to build them. She has never stated she was going to cut staffing. She is also not the one that set the sticker price and I believe Mr Rooney wanted a higher price.

So don’t blame Karen. It’s the residents that wanted it.

Every time I am at the dump there is a worker in plan view. If you hear voices on the other side of the shed they are probable taking a break which they earned and it’s the law, especially working a 10 hour day.They also use it to get out of the weather during rain and snow events. The DPW workers are doing a great job picking up after us.

10 years ago

I was thinking “it’s a girl”, but I like the “flamingo” post too.

10 years ago

“Assabet building them” doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cost us something, increased maintenance, utilities, materials…when did that money get approved, I thought we were looking to cut budgets…was the problem that bad? Who pointed out the problem again? Who complained? Who was doing the job for years and only recently decided they didn’t want to? I wish I could shed a few things I don’t like to do at work and get a bunch of volunteers to do it for me…
I’ll pick this up on the open thread if there is more discussion.

For the record my two oldest girls say the color of the dump sticker is “perfect”.

10 years ago

I think Cotton Candy is a good color. Does it bring a smile to your face? i only have good thoughts about Cotton Candy.

Mark Ford
10 years ago

Too funny, Karen! I must admit that when I saw the “light red” I figured it was because “pink” was considered a politically contentious term. Happy to learn I was duped by the joke. Bazinga!

South Train
10 years ago

Cotton Candy & Lady Slipper last night. Tonight: Chameleon…my final answer!

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