WHDH and Fox report from Southborough on sex offender case

Those of you who went to Heritage Day yesterday might have noticed a few television crews roaming about, but they weren’t in town to cover the fun of our annual fall celebration. Rather, they were here to report on Daniel Goichman, the Level 2 sex offender who was allowed to live for more than two years in an apartment just a few doors down from a long-established preschool.

Both WHDH Channel 7 and Fox News Boston covered the story during their 6:00 broadcasts on Monday. Most of the coverage centered on the issues we’ve already discussed at length here on the blog, but there was one bit of information that was new (at least to me). Goichman is currently in custody and is not expected out before his arraignment on child porn charges at the end of the month, but both news channels report he has been given 30 days to move out of his East Main Street apartment.

If you missed the news stories last night, you can check them out here (Channel 7) and here (Fox News Boston).

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11 years ago

Quote from Fox 25 News article….. It is ridiculous that it took them 7 months to arrest him!!
“In February 2012, Massachusetts State Police obtained information indicating that a registered sex offender was allegedly soliciting minors over the Internet. On Sept. 27, troopers executed a search warrant at Goichman’s Southborough residence and seized Goichman’s computer which reportedly contained files of child pornography. The suspect was arrested without incident at his home on Sept. 30.”

11 years ago

CAW: It is more ridiculous to think that police can do an investigation and then wrap it up in a short time.

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