Neary students create a ‘living flag’ to honor troops

Above: Neary School students arranged in the form of an American flag (photo via Neary School)

For one day each year, red, white, and blue are the official Neary School colors.

In what has become an annual event, Neary students took part in a “living photo” project last month. Students were asked to wear either red, white, or blue clothing. Outside on the Neary play field, they arranged themselves in a color-coded pattern. Last year students spelled out U.S.A in red, white, and blue. This year they made a living American flag.

Neary Principal Linda Murdock told school committee members last month the project is part of an annual care package drive for troop serving overseas. Murdock said a photo of the living arrangement is included in a card that accompanies boxes of candy and Bennie Babies.

The project also serves as a learning opportunity, with fifth graders doing the math and creating a plan for which classes would dress in which colors.

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11 years ago

I love it !!!

Steve Whynot
11 years ago

That is terrific…Thank You to the Students and Teacher who created this Living Flag.

AWESOME… I know the men and women serving will certainly appreciate this gesture.

As we move closer to Veterans Day this year….A perfect lead in,,

Nice Job to all.

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