Marty Lamb to hold campaign event in Southborough on Wednesday

Above: Marty Lamb shakes hands at Heritage Day last week (contributed photo)

Republican Marty Lamb, who is challenging Rep. Carolyn Dykema (D-Holliston) to represent the 8th Middlesex District, will hold a campaign event at Owen O’Leary’s in Southborough tomorrow evening. The event will feature special guest Worcester County Sheriff Lewis Evangelidis.

“We are pleased and delighted to have Sheriff Lew for this wonderful event and express his support for Marty Lamb,” wrote the Committee to Elect Marty Lamb in an email to supporters.

The fundraiser runs from 7:00 to 9:00 pm at Owen O’Leary’s (50 Turnpike Road). Donations are $35 for general admission. For a donation of $135 you get admission plus a commemorative beer mug. RSVP to

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Margaret Reeves
11 years ago

It’s great to see such solid support for Marty Lamb by Sheriff Lew Evangelidis. All these people are so busy these days, and taking time to do events like this speaks volumes. Sheriff Evangelidis doesn’t come out for just anybody.This shows very strong backing, and Marty Lamb is a very strong candidate for State Representative, the support is there, and it shows. Looks like a wonderful event shaping up right in town.

Neil Rossen
11 years ago

Well I’ll be there with my $35. Money is needed and the Dems, despite portraying the GOP as being wealthy mysteriously always raise more money from their supporters than the GOP and spend more as well.

11 years ago

Do I read this article to mean that if I want to meet Mr. Lamb I am required to pay $35? Or if I happen to want a beer mug and meet Mr. Lamb, the price goes up to $135? Please, please tell me I have misread this article. Please.

Margaret Reeves
11 years ago
Reply to  Elder

Cheap shot. It’s stated this is a fundraiser. All candidates have them. Carolyn had one very recently at Water Fresh Farm.

11 years ago

i don’t think you misread it. if you want to chat with Carolyn Dykema just tweet her or give her a call; while she is not going to give you a commemorative mug (what?) she will offer you her time and conversation

11 years ago
Reply to  Northsider

Marty and Carolyn are both accessible. Northsider’s and Elder’s posts smack of Dems trying to dig deep to find something negative to say. Thank goodness we, the people, are smarter than that and know the difference between a fundraiser and being accessible. I’m sure not one Republican had such an ignorant post when any of Carolyn’s fundraisers were printed. They know better!

bob a
11 years ago

Forget party affiliation

What may be better is that a candidate is inviting people to hear them speak on issues and then ask for donations…

I am on the fence in this election and would like to hear Marty speak to help me make a decision…but not for $35..maybe if Marty bought the first beer…spoke…I might donate $100 or I might walk out…

I spoke to Carolyn at heritage day…for free..missed Marty even though he was there…I did not see him..

Good luck to both candidates

Margaret Reeves
11 years ago
Reply to  bob a

Marty Lamb always runs these events as “suggested donation”, but his policy is that no one is turned away if they don’t pay. We see many notices welcoming people to events. We all can come.

11 years ago

Everyone single member of the House has these events. If you don’t want to pay 1) I am sure you can go anyway 2) or just call the candidate. The bigger issue is in off election years. Are they accessible then ?

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