Southborough schools will (hopefully) open on Wednesday (UPDATED)

Superintendent Charles Gobron said this evening power has not been restored to all Southborough K-8 schools, but the district is hopeful National Grid will be able to restore service tonight. Assuming that happens, school will resume in the Southborough K-8 schools on Wednesday after two days off for Hurricane Sandy.

Gobron said if power is not restored overnight, families with students at the affected schools will be notified via the standard phone and email system tomorrow morning. In his message, Gobron did not indicate which of the four K-8 schools is still without power.

Algonquin does have power and will resume tomorrow regardless of the status of the K-8 schools.

Update 9:55 pm: Gobron said Trottier appears to be back with full power, but neighboring Neary is not. Finn is also out. Woodward appears to be up and running. All four schools reportedly had power on Monday night, so Gobron said they were in for a surprise when the power when out on Tuesday. He also cautioned they have been getting conflicting reports throughout the day on power status, so they will need to see how things look in the morning.

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