Don’t forget to put out your Scouting for Food bag on Saturday morning

Saturday is the annual Scouting for Food drive, the biggest food drive of the year for the Southborough Food Pantry. Please watch for scouts out collecting donations as you drive around on Saturday morning, and of course, don’t forget to but out your bag.

Please remember to leave your bag (or more) with your donation, near your mailbox or curb, where it can easily be seen by Scouts, before 9 a.m. Sometimes bags blow off, or we miss a mailbox. So, if you did not find a bag on your mailbox, please feel free to use any bag or box.

Scouting for Food is essential to the running of the Southborough Food Pantry, as it is their biggest food drive of the entire year. All donations go directly to local residents in need. It is separate from other drives in town for sending relief to hurricane victims and sending packages to our troops.

Some commonly needed items are listed below, but all donations are greatly appreciated.

Please be sure to check expiration dates!

  • canned meats
  • white tuna
  • soups
  • canned fruits & vegetables
  • tomato products (pasta sauce, diced, stewed)
  • condiments
  • rices & pastas
  • cereal
  • peanut butter & jelly
  • coffee, tea, juice & Parmalat
  • cake/muffin/brownie mix
  • paper products (towels, napkins, tissues, toilet paper)
  • shampoo, soap, toothpaste
  • detergents (laundry, dish)

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