Shop Southborough this holiday season!

Southborough doesn’t have any malls. We don’t have a Target or a Wal-Mart or any other big box stores. But that doesn’t mean we lack for options when it comes to holiday shopping. There’s something for everyone right in our own backyard.

To make shopping local super easy for you, I’ve compiled the Third Annual My Southborough Shop Local Guide. In it you’ll find a host of businesses that are located in Southborough or owned by Southborough residents (or both!). Some will be business you know well, but I suspect many of them will be new to you as they were to me.

The guide has creative options for everyone on your holiday list, from home decor items to jewelry to food to gift certificates for all kinds of services. So please pop on over, take a look at the Shop Local Guide, and see just how local your holiday shopping can be.

(Want to see your local business listed in the guide? Click here to learn how.)

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10 years ago

One more local to add to the list.

10 years ago

11/25 Open shop from 3:00-5:00 pm. Sporty Chix Headbands @ 42 Bigelow Rd., Southborough, MA. Stocking stuffers and Hanukkah gifts.

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