How much snow will we get, Southborough?

Above: As of early Wednesday morning, the National Weather Service was predicting 8-10 inches for Southborough (via NWS)

As I’m sure you’ve heard, snow is coming. It’s expected to be a wet, heavy snow, but the weather folks say there are still too many variables to know for sure just how much we’ll get.

While predictions for Southborough range anywhere from a low of four inches to a high of ten, forecasters seem to agree the coastal storm will have a “significant” impact on Southern New England, bringing not just snow, but high winds and coastal flooding.

The storm is a slow-moving one, with snow expected to become heavy at times starting early Thursday morning before slowly tapering off by Friday morning. The National Weather Service says travel may become difficult at times, especially late Thursday night into Friday morning when roads could become snow-covered and slippery. Strong winds coupled with the wet, heavy snow could lead to (shh, don’t say it) power outages.

No official word yet, of course, on whether school will be open or closed tomorrow, but feel free to share your predictions in the comments below. The district usually plans for five snow days each year, but I’ve lost track of how many we’ve had so far this year. Anyone know?

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10 years ago

Four so far on the snow days even though two weren’t for snow but for the hurricane.

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