MWDN: Sides begin compromise on controversial Southborough zoning measure

A subcommittee created by the Planning Board in an effort to find middle ground on a controversial zoning proposal, met for the first time last night. An account in today’s Metrowest Daily News suggests some progress was made.

Members on both sides of a dispute over a new proposed zoning bylaw said they are open to compromise at a meeting Wednesday called by the Planning Board in an attempt to iron out differences.

“It sounds like we’re narrowing gaps here,” said Advisory Committee member John Butler, who served as a de facto mediator for much of the meeting. “Let’s see if we can keep doing it.”

The town is near the end of a nearly five-year town process of attempting to rewrite its entire zoning bylaw, with the Planning Board hoping to get to Town Meeting in fall.

You can read more about the meeting – which apparently had a bit of a rocky start – in this article in the MWDN.

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